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Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Move Should Be Making Joe Biden Nervous

While Democrats and the media are fixated on President Donald Trump’s faux scandal with Ukraine, Rudy Giuliani’s latest moves should be making former Vice President Joe Biden very nervous.

Democrats want America focused on Trump’s alleged “quid pro quo” with Ukraine, but Giuliani — President Donald Trump’s personal attorney — says he has evidence of the several members of the Biden family engaging in quid pro quo while Joe was serving as the vice president.

Giuliani said he traveled to Ukraine to discover what really happened in 2016 and claims he found the evidence he needed. 

Now, Rudy is saying he will release it himself.

All of this comes as Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is engulfed in a major scandal of his own involving Ukraine.

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Agent 54
10 months ago

Poor Zombie Joe. His chances of being POTUS are dead and he doesn’t know it.

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