Roseanne Says ‘I Gonna Sue Every News Outlet Calling Me Racist’

Roseanne has had enough of the mainstream media puppets in America, and she’s fired the warning shots.

In a video just released by Barr, she says “I’m going to sue every news outlet that says my tweet was racist, mis-characterizes a racial context, rather than a political context.”

Roseanne who was fired from her own show by ABC last year over a joke she made towards former Obama Staffer Valerie Jarrett.

Barr said that Jarrett looked like a member of the “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj” in her tweet. Most Americans, myself included had no clue that Jarrett was even black. She was born in Iran, and her parents were Iranian immigrants, so who knew?

Barr explained this, but the media frenzy would have none of it. Why you might ask? Because Barr is a Trump supporter, and the media loves nothing more than to try to destroy anyone with a name that’s a Trump supporter. It’s shameful, dishonest, and quite frankly obvious what the mainstream media now does in America.

“If you keep using that word, I’m going to sue you, and this is your notice.” -Roseanne

That word she’s referring to is the media calling her a “racist.” Which couldn’t be further from the truth. Roseanne has always had a big heart, and most of her colleagues will tell you that.

With the Covington Lawsuits, and now others being filed against media outlets for slander, libel, and inciting violence towards folks, will the media listen, or get sued again?

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