Ronald Reagan’s Amazing Appearance on Johnny Carson in 1975, NAILS Everything Happening in 2021

Ronald Reagan’s appearance on Johnny Carson’s show back on January 3 of 1975 is one of the best interviews you’ll ever see from a future legendary President.

“Our biggest problem is that we have built a permanent structure of government. Federal, State, and Local, the permanent employees and they’ve come to the place that they actually determine policy more than does the Congress of the United States. There are fourteen and a half million public employees in the United States, that’s quite a voting block.”

Reagan continues..

“A poll was taken recently that found out that only 46% of the people in the poll could name their United States Congressman. But what was worse, 86% of those that could name him, couldn’t tell you a single thing that he represented or he stood for.”

Watch this amazing interview, everything that President Reagan said with Johnny Carson is spot on. Now keep in mind, this is when he was Ronald Reagan, the former Governor of California. Five Years before he became president or even announced he was running. He nails everything we’re dealing with in 2021.


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1 year ago

I could listen to him all night. Thanks for sharing.