Romney Dubs Himself the ‘Renegade Republican’

One of President Trump’s biggest critics is after attention yet again.

Turncoat Republican Mitt Romney has came up with a new nickname for himself.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) is one of President Donald Trump’s most dogged opponents in Washington D.C., and for standing on behalf of the globalist status quo against Trump, Romney is now referring to himself as a “renegade Republican.”

“I guess I should consider myself a renegade Republican because I still believe that deficits and debt matter a lot,” Romney said.

I’m petty sure that you and “renegade” don’t belong in the same sentence Mittens.

Can you name a bigger jackass in the Republican Party than Mitt Romney?

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Louis Hall
Louis Hall
2 years ago

Romney isn’t tough enough to be a Renegade Republican , he can barley talk the part let alone do the part