VIDEO: Roger Stone Holds Live Washington D.C. Press Conference

InfoWars The WarRoom hosts Owen Shroyer and Roger Stone held a live press conference in Washington D.C. on Thursday that was streamed on both the WarRoom Facebook page, as well as via live stream on Shroyer’s verified Twitter account @allidoisowen:

During the conference, Shroyer addressed the recent sexual assault while he was interviewing a young man during the Women’s March, naming the female who was arrested as Isabel O’Shaughnessy. Shroyer pleaded with the public to not doxx O’Shaughnessy as the public did with the Covington Catholic School kids.

Stone said he has plead not guilty to charges pressed against him. He stressed he is not accused of conspiracy, accused of collaboration with WikiLeaks or Russian Collusion. “There is no underlying crime, and therefore any honest mistake I made in memory would be both immaterial and lacking intent.”

Stone said he is “heartened” by Sen. Graham and other House Republicans who are looking into the procedures taken by SWAT officers when the FBI raided his Florida home.

Before taking questions Stone stated, “The point I guess that bothers me the most, before we get there, is that FBI Director Comey lied under oath to the Congress. John Brennan, the CIA Director lied both about the Steele Dossier and the surveillance of a Senate Committee looking into illegal torture before the Congress. Mr. McCabe, the Associate Director or Assistant Director of the FBI lied under oath to Congress. General Clapper lied about the existence of a metadata collection program on Americans. These are consequential lies. These are lies that are material. And then of course, Hillary Clinton not only lied, but she also destroyed evidence. Then she lied about whether or not she had received or sent classified information, a national security breach. But there is no interest by the Special Council in any of these acts of perjury.”

“Additionally, The New York Times reported on January 20th of 2017 that I was among three advisors to Donald J. Trump who was under surveillance. The Times has declined to retract that story, they stand by that story. I believe that story to be accurate. I believe that there are more than one FISA warrant. To be surveilled under the FISA law, one must be actively engaged in espionage for a foreign power against the United States of America. I do not meet that criteria. If I was under surveillance in a non-FISA warrant what would be the probable cause? I’m hoping that in this trial, in discovery, that we can get to the bottom of these questions.”

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