Robby Starbuck HAMMERS Lil Nas and Hollywood: “If a Grown Man Made a Video Like the One Lil Nas Made Simulating Sex Acts with Another Guy in Satan Costume, They’d be in Jail for Sending it to Kids”

Conservative Producer, Podcaster, and Influencer Robby Starbuck has something to say about Lil Nas and Hollywood. Robby knows exactly what it’s like in liberal Hollywood, he spent time as a producer, won many awards, and left that lifestyle because of what they do to people in that evil place known as Hollywood.

In his new video message he just he released, Robby issued a strong and powerful statement that many of us who are parents, Christians, and Conservatives are thinking!

The video is powerful, and I hope that Christians, Conservatives, and parents who actually care about their children’s futures will share it. This type of behavior cannot continue to go on or be allowed in our nation.

We cannot continue to allow Hollywood, liberals, the mainstream media, and the elites to target our children. We must make a stand, we must do this now before we take even further steps backwards in America.

If a grown man made a video like the one @LilNasX made simulating sex acts with another guy in Satan costume, they’d be in jail for sending it to kids. That’s what Nas did. He’s a groomer and a predator.

WATCH this powerful video, and please share it!

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