Rob O’Neill, Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Responds to Being Called a ‘Nazi’ by Liberal Antifa Account on Twitter

Rob O’Neill is a decorated U.S. Navy SEAL. He’s a friend of our founders here at The DC Patriot (Matt Couch), and he’s a good man. But let’s not stop the radical lefties from going completely over the top insane because facts hurt their feelings.

O’Neill credited with shooting and killing Al Queda leader and terrorist Osama Bin Laden, recently responded to being called a “Nazi” on Twitter.

In a tweet this past Wednesday, O’Neill advertised for a substitute for tobacco dipping made by Black Buffalo Inc. After putting out a video supporting the tobacco product, an account with the handle ‘Mar-a-Lago Antifa’ tweeted “Nazi alert” at O’Neill.

O’Neill responded in kind to the tweet asking, “I’m a Nazi?”

As of of this posting, the tweet by the Antifa mental midget has garnered 5 likes and 1 retweet, as Americans on both sides aren’t buying it or accepting it.

It’s unbelievable that someone can be this stupid, but here we are. Only liberals would call the man who shot Osama Bin Laden a “Nazi.” God Help us all.

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“Bro just called the man who killed bin Laden a nazi,” said another Twitter user. “Can’t even make this up. My god.”

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