Rittenhouse Judge SHUTS DOWN Prosecutor’s IRRELEVANT Evidence as ‘Hearsay’

It’s getting dicey in Kenosha. Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder paused during the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse to explain to the prosecution why the “evidence” presented on Wednesday was irrelevant.

In the following clip, Steven Crowder pinpointed the critical moment when Judge Schroeder shut down the prosecution attempt to present the jury with biased video footage from the Kenosha riots that broke out in the summer of 2020.

So what exactly prompted the judge to remove the jury and smack down the prosecutor? 

Prosecutor: I understand the objection. The problem is how portions of the video have nothing to do with the defendant but describe the scene, and I am trying to give the jury a sense of the scene.

Judge: That is hearsay.

Prosecutor: I am not introducing anyone’s statements for the truth of the matter asserted. I’m introducing it for the state of mind of the defendant as he watches the scene.

Judge: If it’s not for the truth of the matter asserted, then it is irrelevant.

The judge explained that he admitted the prosecution’s video based on a two-part rule. The first part of the rule, according to Judge Schroeder, requires evidence to prove the defendant was aware of the decedent’s violent acts or turbulent behavior, and the other part is circumstantial evidence of the decedent’s violent behavior at the time of the incident.You can watch Crowders podcast below.


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6 months ago

Who in the heck is writing this?? IT IS NOT A MURDER TRIAL!!
Self defense.