Rising GOP Star to Challenge Omar in Minnesota Congressional 2020 Race

Danielle Stella has announced her candidacy to for the Congressional seat in Minnesota’s 5th district to challenge radical Ilhan Omar.

Here’s what we know about Stella from her website.

Danielle Stella is a young Republican who is passionate about making a difference and speaking up for all Americans. She works with our youth as a Special Education Needs teacher, primarily with those on the Autism Spectrum. She originally did not have political aspirations, but with the election of Ilhan Omar and her dangerous rhetoric and political stances, Danielle felt it was time to stand up.

Ilham Omar’s ideas for our country are in direct conflict with what is the best for the American people. She wants to abolish ICE, defund DHS and allow more illegal immigrants into our country, when we are currently failing the nation’s citizens and veterans.

The people need representatives who actually care about our communities and want to make a difference. They deserve representatives who do not spread hate towards religious groups and different ethnicities. Some far-left members of Congress are increasing the divide and hostility among the citizens of this country.

We are a nation of unity and this is where our strength lies. We need representatives who respect the office of the President of the United States. The Legislative Branch must work with the Executive Branch to better our nation.

Stella is a strong 2nd Amendment advocate, she’s also tough on immigration. America will be stronger to rid itself from the likes of Ilhan Omar in office.

If you’d like to learn more about Stella, you can visit her website at www.stella2020.com

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