RINOs Endorse Democrats over America First Candidates in Unbelievable Attempt to Maintain Corruption in Nevada

It’s hard to explain to people outside Nevada how unbelievably corrupt the state is, but corruption this well rooted can only be accomplished when BOTH establishment parties are working together to maintain it…a lesson patriots and conservatives have been learning the hard way as of late. With Democrats out of their damn minds and unlikely to have much, if any visible support in the next election cycle…the only way political cronies can maintain the corrupt status quo in this state is to run, fund, and rig it for RINOs they can control to win that they know will toe their corrupt line.

Certainly the GOP pushing pro-establishment swamp donkeys over honest candidates is nothing new, but they have hit a new low as of late by unbelievably endorsing the same corrupt Democrat officials we’ve been fighting during lockdowns here for trampling our constitutional rights, over popular candidates who are aiming to stop all this corruption and demand election integrity. The former Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, as well as a slew of other notable local RINOs decided to get behind Democrats this election cycle instead, including the corrupt, 4 time arrested Attorney General Aaron Ford instead of the America First Republican Sigal Chatah who had been suing against those very same mandates. Ford infamously tried revoking castle doctrine so that home intruders or their families could sue home owners for defending themselves on their own property…a bill that he was personally harassed by me and others to drop after it was revealed one of his own arrests was for breaking into and trespassing in his ex’s house…gee, no wonder he’s against people defending themselves against criminals. The local fake news media is already painting Chatah as “racist” and “right wing” because of course that’s what they do, not that they can actually show proof of either. Keep in mind, these are the same “news” sites that claim election fraud was “debunked” despite the fact that our RINO Secretary of State admitted there was fraud, but refused to properly investigate it anyway.

While the blatant nature of this insane treachery would be shocking to most, it was almost expected by conservative voters here. Leading up to the primary there was a literal uproar at the Nevada GOP State Convention when Michael McDonald tried pushing the worst possible candidates on them. Leaving only the names of who he wanted them to vote for, McDonald tried forcing though Adam Laxalt for Senate and Sheriff Joe Lombardo for Governor by leaving their opponents name completely off the ticket. For those not familiar with how hated he is here, “No Show” Joe Lombardo is the same corrupt official that bumbled his way through the Las Vegas Shooting investigation, got caught lying to the public, “lost” evidence, gave us no motive, had to be sued to release body cam footage, and then had no explanation as to why that body can footage revealed and redacted the names of 3 individuals registered to Paddock’s room that were never investigated. You can watch the full length documentary on how they poorly covered it up and how the media refused to report on here: https://youtu.be/GidVHyh2-Ek

Lombardo isn’t even able to openly appear in public without getting booed and heckled by a public still demanding answers from him. Even a screened event saw Trump heckled by his own supporters for endorsing a “dirty cop.” On top of covering up the deaths of 58 people for the casinos and the FBI, Lombardo also demanded forced vaccinations on his recruits, pushed for stricter gun laws, and is also good friends with the Democrat Governor he’s running against and even donated to his campaign. Lombardo is being funded almost entirely by dark money through unlimited PACs. There couldn’t be a worse candidate for the Republican primary, but McDonald made sure Lombardo and Laxalt were the only names put on the straw poll for members to endorse. Naturally their members protested, and demanded the names of ALL candidates be put on the ballot for them to vote for…including the popular America First candidate Joey Gilbert who ultimately won the straw poll in a landslide. Shenanigans like that continued from Michael McDonald and the other usual RINOs, cumulating in a 100% illegal and invalid election that saw all the establishment RINOs and politics paperweights (some who did not even actively campaign) “win” over the more visibly favored America First candidates across the board. The only exceptions being Jim Marchant for Secretary of State and Sigal Chatah whose races were statewide not fully dependent on the invalid elections held in Clark and Washoe counties to win. As expected, they are being shunned by the GOP instead of being embraced…hence the powers that be would rather get behind a Democrat that’ll keep the kickbacks and corruption going in the state.

When I say “invalid” elections by the way, I mean there are lawsuits currently pending over the legality as over 40k voters had the parties “switched” by the DMV to non-partisan so they were unable to vote in their own primary.

Voter’s parties and precincts were also illegally visible on the outside of their mail in ballots when it’s required to be secret, poll watchers were forbidden from observing despite a court order, and there are videos and witness testimony that the required chain of custody was broken all over the place. After 2 and a half hours of hearing testimony about all of it at the county commissioners meeting…the commissioners voted to certify it anyway then laughed when the room got upset over it.

*That* is the level of hopeless corruption Nevadans are dealing with for years here and it’s only getting worse. Despite public outcry, Republicans who “won” their primary seats are choosing to delete and block constituents that so much as ask them to look into election integrity. Adam Laxalt deleted my comment and others just for asking. Mark Robertson a congressional candidate decided that despite running on a slogan of “Defend Freedom” that election fraud wasn’t his concern. April Becker the congressional candidate for my own district decided to not only delete my comment asking for an audit that was going viral on her page…but to block me. As did my own political opponent for AD 35 Tiffany Jones, a former Democrat now running for the GOP and being fully funded despite not being political active or known in the community. Apparently the Laxalt campaign has even taken to personally threatening candidates that made it through to “shut up about election fraud” and no…I have no intention of outing my sources so they can go after them even harder.

This is not acceptable, we will not be forced to choose between a corrupt Democrat, and a corrupt Democrat pretending to be Republican. Nevadans are quite frankly sick of all this corrupt shit and “optional illusion” of voting. We want a redo on paper, with ID, hand counted in public view like our founding fathers intended….and we want it NOW. As the economy continues to suffer and strain under this unbelievable treachery and corruption, Nevadans will only grow more discontent, and angrier at our “selected” and not elected officials…so the ball in their court on how far they want to take this and still be able to walk around and face the public.

Full disclosure: (Because I predict people will claim I’m “biased”) I abandoned the GOP myself after the party got behind my criminal wife beating, opponent knowing he would lose the general in 2020. No one who’s against the establishment is allowed to “win” in this state. I have since proudly become an anti-tax, anti-corruption, anti-government overreaching Libertarian and have never looked back. As I run again, I can only pray the lawsuits go through and that our votes matter again. As I mentioned, I’m up against a do-nothing Democrat, and a do-nothing Republican that was recently a Democrat…because that’s how this town clearly works. Pray for us here, and help us get the word out about what they’re doing to us…we have no recourse but the courts and other patriots supporting us at this point.

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Cindi Ray
Cindi Ray
6 months ago

I agree with you 100%, Mindy. Great job on your article. It’s disheartening to be a Nevada voter. This state is extremely corrupt in so many ways. We need more warriors like you.