RINOs Circle the Wagons to Protect Corrupt 2020 Election in Nevada.

Nevada’s RINO infestation problem is nothing new, but they have gone full throttle recently into impeding and shooting down any attempt for an election audit, and it’s more than just a “little” suspicious. As some of you know, I ran for Congress in Southern Nevada in 2020 as a Republican candidate. I wasn’t trying to be a politician, I was just a conservative activist that felt like the GOP was propping up a trash candidate. My opponent was sued 5 times for fraud, had 3 cases of assaults on strangers in bars, and 3 domestic abuse calls to his house and no one else was going to step in and do the right thing for my community. Long story short, I learned that the problem with this country isn’t just a “Democrat” one, I saw the GOP do some of the shadiest goddamn things I have ever seen in my life. I watched the head of the GOP Kevin McCarthy endorse a bonafide wife beater despite hundreds of Nevadans begging him not to, and gave him a half million dollars of “dark funds” before the primary to win…knowing damn well he would lose in the general to a well-funded, female incumbent that didn’t have a criminal record. The GOP establishment didn’t care if they were backing a conman, they just wanted to cipher off campaign funds for which tens of thousands went out every week in the form of “consultant fees.” Anyone that’s been to Nevada knows that this is a freedom-loving, business friendly, low tax, gun-toting red state, but corruption and an overwhelming infestation of never-Trumper RINOs have beaten us down like a battered housewife. They stand over us as if to taunt “What are you going to do about it?” I watched helplessly as our power hungry Governor betrothed upon himself “emergency powers” to illegally bipass our legislation to pass unconstitutional laws, completely unhindered by anyone that’s supposed to be in power to protect us. Our Attorney General Aaron Ford has been arrested 4 times and owed more in taxes than most people earn in a year…don’t count on him to stand up for what’s right. For every rally I attended whether it be to open churches, to not wear masks, to fight for unemployment rights, to open our businesses and stores, to recall this tyrannical Governor (who made it almost impossible to recall him) never once did I see my duly elected representatives standing by me and fighting for my rights. We might as well been yelling at the sky, because the local news sure wasn’t on our side. They’d only report straight from their corporate script. Now that the truth has come to light, and this false covid narrative falls to pieces with Fauci’s emails being released, Nevadans realize that we were forcibly locked down for NOTHING while these scumbags made money helping these mega corporations become richer off the broken backs and spirits of our small business owners, independent contractors, and even our children.

There must be accountability for the unbelievably fascist, un-American fleecing that just occurred to everyone in this state….and I’m a firm believer that house cleaning begins at home. When I saw Lindsay Graham in that DC airport that day after he refused to do the audit we were all there demanding…I let him have it for a reason. I don’t care what letter you’ve got next to your name….asking to check the work of a suspicious election is our God-given rights as Americans.

No one has ever accused me of being shy or couth, but I swear I felt like I was yelling at him all the things this country was feeling at that moment in time. We just had the most ridiculous, non-transparent, bullshit excuse of a “fair” election that I have ever witnessed in my life. I’ve always suspected that the scales of an election could be leaned on here and there….but the atrocity of what Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske allowed to occur here is outright criminal. No Voter ID, mail-in ballots to everyone dead or alive, enacting ballot harvesting WHICH IS ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO OUR OWN STATE CONSTITUTION but was passed it in the dead of the night anyway, not to mention she never explained why she got caught sending our Nevada voter rolls to a Pakistani data firm….you know, one of the countries being accused of helping to rig the election? She admits illegals voted here by the thousands, but refuses to look into it because she claims it’s “illegal” to ask if they’re illegal. Her behavior was so out of line, that members of her own party voted to censor her. Almost immediately the garbage “conservatives” in this state, circled their corrupt wagons to protect Barbara Cegavske and the corrupt election system she set up…that I’m sure they intend now to use for themselves. With more than half of Americans believing there was election fraud including 30% of Democrats….don’t trust ANYBODY that tells you not to worry about election fraud or sell you the pipe dream of “we’ll get em’ next time in 2022.” There won’t be a “next time” if we don’t fix the fraud that just occurred right now. Have you missed the whole Hydroxychloroquine scandal where our government had no problem killing people to “own” Trump? Don’t get me started on the fact Fauci used our tax money to create this virus with our human-rights breaking, communist enemy just to kill people and control the world…and if you think that’s a “conspiracy theory” then you tell me why else they were working on making this coronavirus more deadly and contagious? Personally, I can’t think of a reason that’s not unholy and evil.

Nevada is a corrupt, hot political mess and it has been for years, but it is fixable. There are still good people both in and outside the party. I’m currently working with a nonpartisan group forcing an audit in Nevada using our state constitutional right to one. It it was never our job to prove to the courts a need for an audit, it’s our government’s job to prove to us our elections are fair and free in the first place. You would *think* that since this is something even Independents, Libertarians, Democrats and non-political people are pushing through…that all the Republicans in the state would be jumping to help, but they’re not. Take for instance Republican assemblywoman Annie Black, after ignoring messages sent by several individuals including me, and being a a “no show” to two separate meeting set up by the audit group…she decides instead to mass email out this “surrender caucus” letter basically telling people to give up on fixing voter fraud.

Apparently it was my FB message on her wall got her attention and not any of mine or anyone else’s private messages to her, and she finally decided to reach out to me. All she cared about on the phone was that “I made her look bad” …she didn’t want to hear anything about the audit, she called me and my group “liars” claiming she never missed any meetings, and she was the most “accessible” representative in the state, etc. So I hung up on her, gathered the screenshots proving she did indeed blow the meetings off, and I haven’t heard back since.

It then comes to my attention that her main political “consultant” is Chuck Muth….who also is a stern believer that we should just give up fixing election fraud, because there’s just no “proof.” By the way, for all the damning proof of voter fraud in Nevada click “here.”

This is the same guy that promotes Carrie Buck who has been actively trying to push all pro-Trump loyalist out of the Clark County Republican Club. They’re attempt to blacklist people that were loyal to Trump and voted for the censoring of our corrupt SOS landed them in a court case for which they lost.

Look, if we’re going to fix corruption in Nevada….then it’s going to start with draining our own swamp. If you want to make sure your vote counts and return to having actual transparent elections like we’re supposed to have, read this article “here” …there’s directions and a PDF file imbedded where you can participate in demanding the State do the audit required of them, if the people demand it….and we’re demanding it. Stop voting for people with an “R” next to their name, sometimes an Independent or Libertarian is a much more constitutional freedom-loving, limited government bet than what the trash the National GOP shoves forth. And don’t trust ANYBODY who thinks we should “move on” from this catastrophic failure of an election…they are part of the problem and allowed it to occur on the first place.

(Since I’ve kicked off everything for posting about voter fraud, you can follow updated news about the Nevada Audit either through my telegram https://t.me/AmericanAFMindyRobinson or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy )

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