RINO Republican Candidate for Governor Being Funded by Democrat PAC

There’s a battle going on right now between conservatives and the establishment party that’s supposed to represent them. Whoever said RINOs were an endangered species, has never been to Nevada. For two years Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak bestowed upon himself illegal “emergency powers” which he used to unconstitutionally restrict life saving medications, close churches, force lockdowns on small businesses, enact mask mandates, and even supported forced vaccinations on people’s jobs. His chances at surviving even a rigged election here are not good, and it would be even more obvious than the shenanigans they pulled last year when they stopped counting only to resume in private and with a completely different result. So what are corporations, casinos, and a corrupt government to do to maintain their status quo? Simple, prop up their own morally weak and corrupt Republican candidate to run against him to win instead….and man, they’re really making it obvious this time.

To say Sheriff Joe “No Show” Lombardo is a tool of casinos, corporations, and the corrupt establishment would be an understatement. He is hated…and I mean so hated here that he can’t even make announced appearances where the public or press will be because he’ll be heckled by constituents, many of which are still demanding answers for the Las Vegas shooting that he helped covered up.

If you ever wondered why the story dropped from the news cycle after only 2 weeks, you can watch the full length expose I did on how and why here: https://youtu.be/GidVHyh2-Ek or here: https://banned.video/watch?id=61e0e6c1d5672471accce7df

Sheriff Lombardo is pro-red flag laws, anti gun rights, anti-constitutional carry, turned Las Vegas into an illegal immigration sanctuary city, and even forced his new recruits to be vaccinated. Crime here soared under his term, and he did nothing as Sheriff to even try to fight the unconstitutional mandates being forced on us by Sisolak…and why would he? They’re friends, he’s even donated to the Democrat Governor’s campaign multiple times before.

But don’t worry, he’s not just donating to Democrats…the Democrats are also donating to him right back.

He’s not even trying to hide it either, if you couldn’t tell he was a RINO by all his leftist policies and stances…he’s even running his campaign under the official blue DNC colors.

Apparently I can pull more people to my birthday party, then the most suspiciously well funded gubernatorial candidate in Nevada can pull volunteers. Trump in his recent series of bad endorsements even endorsed this pro-establishment, anti-gun turd, which is something that has cost him the support of even his strongest defenders in the state. The notoriously crooked head of the state GOP Michael McDonald even tried to push Lombardo through by making him the only name anyone could vote for at their state convention to endorse…and was promptly forced to add in ALL the candidates for them to vote on. That ultimately resulted in a landslide victory by grassroot candidate Joey Gilbert for the popular vote endorsement instead. Gilbert also creamed everyone including Lombardo at the live debate…which you can watch the highlight reel I made here: https://tv.gab.com/channel/americanafmindy/view/nevada-gubernatorial-republican-debate-highlights-and-629a90c86b2530a3c8c40669

The people of Nevada are tired of corruption, and it seems Joe Gloria the election Czar is already pulling corrupt stunts again with the Clark County primary. Do you know why Nevada wasn’t one of the battleground states exposed on “2000 Mules?” Because we’re so unbelievably corrupt that they legalized ballot harvesting and stuffing (which was illegal in our state constitution) and are even set to delete the 2020 records 2 months before the general election so the new people coming in can’t check the work of the past corrupt regime….and that’s assuming there are enough patriots that care willing to vote en masse to make up for their cheating. We do not have protected and transparent elections in Nevada…even these machines which they’re finally admitting are riggable are “checked” by a board of people appointed by the corrupt Governor himself. See the problem here?

Here’s a list of pro-constitutional, America first grassroot candidates. We can’t just “win” a rigged election, we have to vote in numbers they cannot deny…and we have to be vigilant and record every single thing they try to do wrong at these polling places : https://patriot911news.com/2022/05/america-first-candidate-guide-nevada-2022/

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[…] announce his appearances anywhere without getting booed, heckled, or ran off. His campaign was even funded by a Democrat PAC if that’s not telling […]


[…] announce his appearances anywhere without getting booed, heckled, or ran off. His campaign was even funded by a Democrat PAC if that’s not telling […]


[…] being loathed by the public and funded almost entirely by casinos and big businesses that even included a Democrat PAC…Lombardo “won” his race against the more popular America First candidate Joey Gilbert. I say […]