RINO Mitt Romney Endorses Liz Cheney and Says He Hopes She Wins Against Trump Backed Harriet Hageman

RINO (Republican in Name Only) Mitt Romney says he hopes that disgruntled Congresswoman Liz Cheney who’s down nearly 25 points in Wyoming loses to President Trump’s endorsee Harriet Hageman.

It’s par for the course from the bottom feeding liberal loving Romney. Multiple polls leading up to the race show Cheney trailing challenger Harriet Hageman by double digits. Folks, you must get rid of Liz Cheney. It’s that simple. This is a news article, but we had to say this.

Cheney has been leading the January 6 Witch Hunt Committee against former President Donald J. Trump.

Romney who voted in the Senate to convict Trump for the insurrection, expressed regret over Cheney’s likely loss in comments published the the liberal hacks over at Business Insider on Sunday.

“Her political future is something I’m sure she’s considered. I hope she wins,” the Utah Republican said earlier this month.

The RINO extraordinaire Romney says he’s even hosted fundraising events for Wyoming’s lone House of Representative to keep her seat.

He added, “But I recognize that in the time of Trump that may not be possible.”

Romney even hinted that Cheney might come back into politics if she loses and run for the White House. No one wants that, and we mean no one.

“We’ll see what happens. But I don’t think she’s gone by any means. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her run for president,” Romney said.

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