RINO Meghan McCain Throws Temper Tantrum, Says MAGA Conservatives Are Neanderthals

Meghan McCain, yeah you know who she is, the disgruntled daughter of the song bird the late Senator John McCain. She’s a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and continues to take shots at those who support President Trump and back the American First movement.

After all, it can’t be that great when you’re known as the dumb one on ‘The View.’

She’s of course the wife of blogger Ben Domenech, and pitched a hissy fit like a 3-year-old who didn’t get to run to the Ice Cream man solo. She’s also blocked yours truly on Twitter before the tyrannical bags of marxists tech nerds banned me.

On Saturday, she rebuked Republican GOP Gubernatorial winner Kari Lake. Lake a fiery television reporter turned politician, who just won in Arizona to be the nominee, so of course McCain is jealous her RINO friend didn’t get the nod.

Lake of course endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, campaigned at rallies about the RINO-like tendencies McCain’s father stood for.

“We drove a stake through the heart of the McCain machine,” Lake told a cheering crowd at CPAC in Dallas.

In response, Mrs. Domenech posted a scathing rebuke on her Twitter account.

“Helluva strategy to win over the majority voting block of Arizona independents in a general election,” McCain wrote.

McCain isn’t necessarily wrong about conservatives needing to unite as we head into the midterms, but in typical angry white liberal woman fashion, she took it a notch too far.

“I know she thinks she’s governor already but you have to win over more people than just CPAC maga Neanderthals to actually win a general,” she snarled.

My good friend Todd Starnes says that McCain’s daddy once called evangelical Christians “agents of intolerance.” No wonder she’s so angry all the time on “The View.”

Read more analysis on the Meghan McCain debacle from my good friend Todd Starnes over at ToddStarnes.com

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