RIDICULOUS: GoFundMe Reverses Course, Says Rittenhouse Fundraising is OK Now That He’s Innocent

In an absolutely “please don’t sue us” moment, GoFundMe has reversed course after removing Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund from the site in its early days, saying now it’s “OK” because he’s been acquitted.

So basically what GoFundMe is saying is that they always presume they are guilty first, the exact opposite of the American justice system and how our founding fathers wanted it to be.

It should always be innocent until proven guilty folks, ALWAYS!

In its statement, GoFundMe said that its terms of service “prohibit raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime,” so “once charges for violent crime were brought against Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020,” they removed all of them.

“If someone is acquitted of those charges, as Rittenhouse was today, a fundraiser started subsequently for their legal defense and other expenses would not violate this policy,” the statement went on to say. “A fundraiser to pay lawyers, cover legal expenses or to help with ongoing living expenses for a person acquitted of those charges could remain active as long as we determine it is not in violation of any of our other terms and, for example, the purpose is clearly stated and the correct beneficiary is added to the fundraiser.”

But at the time that GoFundMe shut down all Rittenhouse defense funds in August of last year, they allowed countless fundraisers for the defense of other individuals accused of violent crimes. 

However GoFundME had no problem allowing a defense fund for Marc Wilson, who claims he was acting in self defense when he shot and killed a 17-year-old girl in a road rage incident.

Wilson is currently on trial for murder, and in his case the same GoFundMe was created for him just a few days after Rittenhouse’s defense funds were stripped, and it remains on GoFundMe. Showing exactly how liberal and biased the site is.

Rittenhouse shot 3 felons, and killed two. One of those he shot had been previously convicted for raping 5 boys between the ages of 9-11 court records showed.

GoFundMe was hit with enormous backlash when it pulled down Rittenhouse fundraisers.

Ric Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence during the Trump administration, tweeted shortly after the Rittenhouse verdict Friday that GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan had “locked his account.”

Shocker, GoFundMe isn’t responding for comment.

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