RIDICULOUS: FOX NEWS Bans Judicial Watch Head Chris Farrell for Stating George Soros Groups Connected to Migrant Caravan/Invasion

This is a breaking news alert:

Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch has been permanently banned by Fox News for stating that George Soros funds groups affiliated with the Migrant Caravan. This is 100% True and accurate, and Chris is the Head of Judicial Watch under President Tom Fitton.

This is a line that Fox News cannot come back from. It’s an atrocity that people cannot have Freedom of Speech in America. This type of silencing of conservative voices must be stopped America.

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Dawn Case
Dawn Case
3 years ago

Doesn’t surprise me at all…..Fox New’s Management are now Liberal….the weekends are sooo bad it’s hard to watch…Shep acts as if he makes up the news as he goes along…He literally Hates our President and doesn’t even try to hide it yet he’s still has a job…Chris Farrell is a respected journalist who wouldn’t say anything without having proof….but again the Liberal Management at Fox News will try to silence the right.