Republican Tudor Dixon Pulls Even with Democrat Incumbent Whitmer in Michigan Governors Race

It’s officially panic time for Democrats in America, as the mainstream media is reporting that Republican Tudor Dixon has pulled even in polling with incumbent Democrat Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

With less than three weeks until the November 8 election, Dixon has pulled within 2 percent of Whitmer according to the most recent Mitchell-MIRS poll of likely general election voters conducted by Mitchell Research and Communications, Inc.

Whitmer leads 49% to 47% which is a statistical tie given the polls 4.21% margin of error. The poll also shows 3% of voters are undecided still.

Democrat incumbent Attorney General Dana Nessel also has a slight lead with GOP candidate Mathew DePerno leading 46% to 43%. Incumbent Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has a much larger leader over Republican challengers Kristina Karamo, 49% to 40%.

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The poll was conducted using automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) methodology calling landlines and by text messaging voters cell phones and sending them to a SurveyMonkey poll. Data was weighted by age, gender, and race to reflect the likely voter turnout on November 8.  The survey of N=541 Likely Voters was conducted October 19, 2022, and has a margin of error of + or – 4.21% at the 95% level of confidence.

“After a strong debate performance and after a statewide TV buy that has given Tudor Dixon much-needed advertising, she has closed the race to a two percent margin, 49% to 47%. Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who also had a strong debate against the challenger, has out-raised and out-spent Dixon exponentially, but the Governor is faced with a very bad economic environment that includes the highest inflation in more than forty years.  Both candidates are exceptionally strong campaigners, but Whitmer is also running with an unpopular Democratic president in the White House.  This may be a real ‘barnburner” going all the way down to the wire,” Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Research, said in a press release.

Governor Whitmer has a 54% to 41% lead with women while Dixon leads with men by eleven percent 54% to 43%. The Governor leads with early voters while Dixon will have a strong lead with those who plan to vote in person or on Election Day.

The governor has got the support of Democrats 92% to 6%, but the challenger has finally got the conservative base in the state behind her, now leading 89% to 6% among republican voters.

Whitmer somehow has a 49% to 45% lead with independents, who apparently like being repeatedly kicked in the junk with Democrat policies.

When asked “which of two issues is most important to them in determining their vote for governor and the legislature,” fifty-one percent say “inflation/the economy” while 41% say “abortion.”  Democrats (68%) are much more likely to say “abortion” while Republicans (82%) are more likely to cite the economic issues.  The crucial independents say economy (56%) rather than abortion (39%).

“Mid-term elections are bad for the party in the White House, in three weeks we will see how difficult it was for Democrats, this year,” Mitchell concluded.

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