Members from the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest caucus in the House, as about 12 committee members will join Trump on his trip to the Texas part of the U.S.-Mexico border Wednesday, June 30, according to Politico.  Trump and Republicans hope to high-light the recent influx of migrants and unaccompanied children to the U.S. which reached a 20-year high in April.

“President Trump spent four years fixing the border.  But the Biden administration broke it again, and we are now experiencing the worst border crisis in our history,” Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, chair of the RSC, said in a statement to Politico. 

“That’s why the Republican Study Committe has made carrying on the Trump legacy on immigration our top priority this Congress and why we are heading to the border with President Trump to explain how we can end this national embarrassment.”

This will be Trump’s first trip to the border since leaving the White House in January, and he will also be joined by Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whom Trump endorsed for his re-election earlier in June.  For the members of the RSC, this will be the second trip to the border after visiting first at the beginning of April.

Trump’s trip will follow Vice President Harris trip that was announced today, as she is going down on Friday, June 25. The former president announced his trip on June 15. After Harris’ announcement Trump immediately released a statement blasting Harris, saying, “If Governor Abbott and I weren’t going next week, she would have never gone?”

Vice President Kamala Harris and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit the border in El Paso, Texas, on Friday, after facing pressure from the Republicans to go see the crisis on the ground.

Trump immediately released a statement blasting Harris, saying, “If Governor Abbott and I weren’t going there next week, she would have never gone!”

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Leslie Benjamini
Leslie Benjamini
1 year ago

The Biden/Harris administration is a disgrace to the United States & the Bill of Rights & Constitution.