Republican Senator Ron Johnson Declared WINNER in Wisconsin U.S. Senate Race ‘This Race is Over’

Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson seems to have had enough of the mainstream media puppets trying to claim that his opponent has a chance to pull off the upset in Wisconsin.

Johnson declared Wednesday morning that “this race is over” as he defeated Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes in a hotley contested race for the U.S. Senate that could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Johnson pulled out a victory in a state that Joe Biden narrowly won just two years ago, a good sign for the GOP, as his seat was listed as one of the most vulnerable for the taking among Republican incumbents.

Johnson hammers the mainstream media in a statement claiming that “corporate media” was “refusing to call a race that is over.” Shortly after Johnson made those remarks, NBC News, ABC News, and CNN all projected Johnson as the winner. That’s how it’s done America, be an alpha and take charge!

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With 98.1% of the vote in, Johnson had 50.5% of the vote to Barnes 49.5% and a difference of around 27,000 votes.

Stunningly from the group that makes fun of election deniers, the Barnes campaign has not yet conceded the race, but Barnes is scheduled to appear at noon in Milwaukee.

he drawn out, dramatic ending matched the swirling passions of the race.

“There is no path mathematically for Lt. Gov. Barnes to overcome his 27,374 vote deficit. This race is over,” Johnson said in the statement. 

“Truth has prevailed over lies and the politics of personal destruction. I want to thank my family and everyone who supported me and worked so hard to save this U.S. Senate seat. I will do everything I can to help make things better for Wisconsinites and to heal and unify our country.”

Later, in an interview with WISN-AM radio, Johnson criticized the news media and chided Barnes for not offering a quick concession.

“I don’t know how bad it can get before people who vote for these Democrat officials and Democrat policies are going to wake up and realize this is not good for America,” Johnson said.

He added that he was surprised that the race was “this close.

“Earlier Wednesday, Barnes campaign spokeswoman Maddy McDaniel said in a statement: “We always knew this race would be incredibly close. No matter what anyone says, we are committed to making sure every vote is counted. We will wait and see what the Wisconsin voters have decided after all their voices are heard.” 

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