REPORT: Wisconsin Broke Election Law by Sending Voting Van to Democrat Strongholds

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) has filed a complaint against the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC for the city of Racine’s use of the absentee voting van in violation of state law.

The complaint argues that Racine’s mobile voting unit does not comply with a Wisconsin statute that prohibits absentee balloting locations that confer a partisan advantage.

According to the report by WILL, the city of Raccine purchased an absentee voting van using funds it received in 2020 from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) a Mark Zuckerberg funded left wing nonprofit. This was in anticipation for the 2022 elections. Disgusting right?

Leading up to the August 9th primary, the voting van visited 21 designation locations around the city “distributing and collecting ballots at each over the 14-day period of in-person absentee voting prior to Election Day.”

The following is from The Federalist:

But as the report states, the absentee voting van was assigned to wards that vote at a higher percentage for Democrats, thereby conferring an advantage to the Democratic Party in direct violation of Wisconsin state law. Furthermore, the law states that absentee voting sites must “be located as near as practicable to the office of the municipal clerk or board of election commissioners.” The WILL report found that Racine did not follow this statute in choosing the voting van’s designated locations.

“Racine’s use of mobile voting sites violates clear directives in state law on the collection of absentee ballots at alternative sites. WEC must make clear that Racine is violating the law and ensure that clerks across the state understand what is, and is not permitted in Wisconsin law,” WILL Deputy Counsel Anthony LoCoco said in a press release

Additionally, state law stipulates that if the city uses alternative voting sites, then “no function related to voting and return of absentee ballots that is to be conducted at the alternate site may be conducted in the office of the municipal clerk or board of election commissioners.” However, for two weeks leading up to the Aug. 9 primary, early absentee voting also took place at the city clerk’s office at Racine’s city hall.

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Mike Otterson
Mike Otterson
5 months ago

The WI Supreme Court agreed with a Circuit Court decision that “the use of [ballot] drop boxes…is not permitted under WI law unless the drop box is staffed by the [municipal]clerk and LOCATED AT THE OFFICE OF THE CLERK OR A PROPERLY DESIGNATED ALTERNATE SITE,” (emphasis mine) per WI Statute section 6.855.