Report: Target Donated $100K to Group Promoting ‘Transgender Expression’ For Children Ages K-12

Yikes, not the kind of news you want getting out to middle America heading into the Christmas Holiday season if you’re retail giant Target.

Corporate America has wholeheartedly committed to supporting and pushing the LGBTQ agenda.

And one of the biggest culprits and pushers of the radical transgender movement is Target.

You’ll recall that Target was brought to their knees a couple of years back when they made their bathrooms and fitting rooms “gender-neutral.”

Target eventually had to reverse course, due to a string of “bathroom assaults” from perverted male customers and tanking sales. However, Target hasn’t abandoned its transgender activism.

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AngB (@Angelicanang)

It’s time we get SERIOUS and shut down this company. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that is NOT possible…because it is. They’ve already lost OVER $10 billion due to the boycott and that HALTED their expansion plans! Now…my boycott…has changed to PERMANENT BAN. Target is FAR LEFT, anti-woman and PRO far left indoctrination. Stop TALKING about want to reverse the destruction of this country and ACT. STOP doing business with them!

1 year ago

shame on tou Target to believe this is goos for children we now knkw for sure where your allegiance lies. not with children just with the .aster manipulator satan George Soros. I and my family will not shop with your retailer again because of how you believe children should abused. sorry you believe in a shameful act aginst our and ultimately tour future.

Stephen Desrosier (@MCASMarine)

I stopped shopping there when they allowed males in the female restrooms. Just another reason not to shop at Target.