REPORT: Pelosi EXPLODES on Freshman Democrats, ‘Walks Out of Room’ over Omar

The Democrats have been playing damage control on radical Jew hater and Antisemitic Ilhan Omar for weeks, now it’s finally catching up to them.

According to Politico “Tensions are running high in the Dem conference over their response to Ilham Omar — and @RepJahanaHayes confronted Pelosi directly about it this morning.”

It appears that Nancy Pelosi has lost control over her own party, and the radical anti-Israel congressional freshman are taking their anti-American charades to a whole new level.

“We’ll if you’re not going to listen to me, I’m done talking,” Pelosi responded, before *literally* dropping the mic & walking out of the room.

Will Pelosi cave to the pressure from the left and the right to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

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