REPORT: Hillary Nervous As Bill Barr Turns Up Heat in Reopened Email Investigation

Attorney General William Barr is on the heels of the crooked Democrats, and they know it.

There’s a reason they’re pushing for Impeachment and trying to silence our Seth Rich Investigations. It’s not because they’re honest and good hearted people either.

They realize if they don’t push now, they are going down like a sweet muffin.

From Breitbart: “It’s a witch hunt. It’s a real one, unlike the kind of things Trump talks about,” Clinton told NowThis News of the probe.

“It is meant to raise the specter about my emails, which were investigated endlessly,” she said, bashing the inquiry as “crazy like a fox.”

“If the Republicans and Trump and his supporters in the media can muddy the waters and raise all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories, then maybe people won’t pay attention to the danger he poses to our country,” she added.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that State Department officials have informed up to 130 Clinton aides that they were found to be “culpable” of handling information that was classified lower than they should have been when transmitted through the private server.

Several former Obama administration officials have tried to discredit the probe by accusing the Trump administration of political retribution, but one official retorted that “the process is set up in a manner to completely avoid any appearance of political bias.”

“This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” affirmed another official. “This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about three and a half years.”

As Breitbart News extensively reported, a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) examination of Clinton’s server discovered at least 100 emails containing classified information, including 65 emails labeled “Secret” and 22 deemed “Top Secret.”

Several experts say the former Secretary of State broke multiple laws, including 18 U.S. Code § 1924, which prohibits “unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material.”

Justice is coming, and the left is in full panic mode.

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Matthew Ingman
Matthew Ingman
2 years ago

The results to AG Barr’s investigations are being eagerly awaited by millions of Trump supporters including myself. I’ve been infuriated for a very long time due the corrupt radical left not only because of their continued harassment of our President, but also because of their continued obsession in trying to impeach him ever since he was inaugurated. As a result, they have accomplished absolutely NOTHING for the American people. Some of us immediately knew their was something very wrong when the Mueller investigations began and now justice is overdue. Pelosi had said something to the extent that “AG Barr has… Read more »

timothy price
timothy price
2 years ago

Please watch this for a clearer understanding of the Soros connection. Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra – YouTube.