REPORT: Elon Musk Planning to Reverse All Permanent Twitter Bans After Purchase per Jack Posobiec (VIDEO)

Twitter employees, board members, and media are losing their minds as Elon Musk has said that he wants to reverse all permanent Twitter bans after his purchase is finalized to rejuvenate the site.

The news comes from Jack Posobiec, who broke the story on Thursday morning.

In a text from Elon Musk to the CEO of Twitter that were sent during the lawsuits discovery, Musk said that he wants to “Reverse all permanent Twitter bans

Huge news for our own Matt Couch and Mindy Robinson, Alex Jones, President Donald J. Trump, General Flynn, Mike Lindell, Dr. Robert Malone, Craig Sawyer and countless conservatives and even liberals who have been banned over hurt feelings.

Watch the news below delivered by our good friend Jack Posobiec:

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