REPORT: Did You Know the RNC and House GOP are STILL Using CROWDSTRIKE?

That’s right, you heard what the title said. The Republican National Committee is using the same Cyber Security Firm that’s involved with the DNC and all the other players to protect its political arm.

According to The Washington Post House Republicans’ campaign arm is still relying on CrowdStrike to protect its sensitive data, even as the cybersecurity firm has become embroiled in a bizarre conspiracy theory promoted by President Trump and his GOP allies.

Also according to The Washington Post article, the RNC has no plans to change vendors according to a source within the RNC.

Think about this for a second, a minute, even an hour if you will. The same group that supposedly viewed the DNC servers instead of the FBI, who’s working with Fusion GPS and all of the major players in the Russian Hoax to try to unseat a sitting President. That same company is handling the security for the RNC, which is the party that represents the President of the United States.

According to the Washington Post Article which came out a few months ago in November of 2019:

The California company, which Trump and some House Republicans have accused without evidence of conspiring with Democrats in the 2016 election, is still helping the National Republican Congressional Committee protect its networks. The committee has no immediate plans to change vendors, a person familiar with the matter told me.

Here’s another interesting tidbit of this article.

CrowdStrike, which did investigate the DNC breach, never took physical possession of DNC servers and never investigated the private server Hillary Clinton used while secretary of state.

Well if they never took possession of the servers, how did they get the information to Muellers team? Interesting, isn’t it?

This is a developing story, and we’re digging in.

Here’s a great article on Crowdstrike and it’s significance from the Great Rush Limbaugh.

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