REPORT: Andrew Weissmann Leaving Special Counsel

It looks like Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation may be ending soon.

Special Counsel spokesman Peter Carr told that “Andrew Weissmann will be concluding his detail to the Special Counsel’s Office in the near future.” Carr did not elaborate on whether or not Mueller’s Special Counsel will be wrapping up.

Weissmann, described by The New York Times as Mueller’s “Pitbull” for his style and tactics of prosecuting cases. In 2015 Weissmann was selected to run the Department of Justice’s criminal fraud section and was later handpicked by Mueller to join the ongoing Special Counsel’s Office investigation into the alleged obstruction and alleged collusion between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and Russia.

Weissmann mainly oversaw the case against Paul Manafort, who has now been sentenced to seven and half years in prison for tax and bank fraud.

According to NPR Weissmann is leaving to teach at New York University and work on a variety of public service projects. Apparently, “this includes his longstanding interest in preventing wrongful convictions by shoring up forensic science standards used in courts,” the sources told NPR.

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