Rep. Omar Launches Vicious Attack After Ivanka Shares Heartwarming Picture

Far-left anti-Semite and congresswoman Ilhan Omar took shots at Ivanka Trump after she shared a photo of her spending time with her kids.

“Staying home today w/ kids? Plan living room camp out! Throw a bedsheet over some taped together brooms. Plan a menu & ‘pack’ sandwiches, salads (S’mores optional) A fun activity that also brings family together for a meal! Share your ideas,” Ivanka Trump shared on Twitter.

Omar then took shots at the President’s daughter by once again sharing the debunked claim that President Trump forcibly removes children from their parents.

“Thinking of all the families separated forcefully by your father’s policies today. Share your ideas on how you plan to unite them,” Omar replied.

“Why do you need to be so hateful?” one responder asked Omar. “Ivanka shared a simple family suggestion and you had to be spiteful and mean. Not something a true leader would do. Awful. I’m praying for this country to heal in all ways. You should try it.”

“Now? During the crisis? Free immigration now?” another wrote. “Open borders? You’ve displayed your opportunistic political virtue signaling, lack of patriotism and blatant hypocrisy once again.”

Omar is one of the most controversial members of Congress and should probably be the last person commenting on Ivanka Trump’s tweet.

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Sher Hosk
Sher Hosk
3 years ago

Omar has that typical envy because Ivanka is blonde. It a shallow, self hate and has nothing to do with anything that matters. Omar is a pretty woman, yet is still jealous.