Rep Ilhan Omar Attacks President Trump on Twitter

Even after regretfully apologizing freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar can’t stay quiet. She took to Twitter about an hour ago to attack President Trump yet again.

Omar, who’s made an insane amount of antisemitic remarks before, and especially since taking office apologized somewhat yesterday for her anti Jewish overtones.

Today, she was right back at it again attacking President Trump with this blasphemous tweet.

Late Monday Omar made this “apology” if you call it that for her antisemitic remarks that were made earlier in the week.

The problem is, you can literally restart the timer. It’s just a matter of time before she fires off again. She was even called out by Chelsea Clinton on Monday of all people, CHELSEA CLINTON!!

I for one can’t wait for the President’s response. We have a saying in the south, if you **** with the bull, you get the horns. Good luck Congresswoman..

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