Rep Collins ‘It’s Time To Move On’

Congressman and Ranking Member Doug Collins has been working diligently and effectively to release documents to the American people that involve those who perpetrated the fake Russian dossier, and tried to frame the Trump campaign.

He’s released transcripts from Bruce Ohr to Lisa Page to the American public for transparency, he doesn’t mince words.

Below is a statement from the Ranking member of the Republicans Congressman Doug Collins on Mueller’s Presser Today.

Let us know your thoughts below, do you agree it’s time to move on?

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Jeanie Horine
Jeanie Horine
3 years ago

So, what planet do you live on?
“And I will close by reiterating the central allegation of our indictments, that there were multiple systemic efforts to interfere in our election.

And that allegation deserves the attention of every American.” – Mueller


Jeanie Horine
Jeanie Horine
3 years ago

MUELLER: “If we had had confidence that the President had clearly not committed a crime, we would have said so.”
MUELLER: “Charging the President with a crime was, therefore, not an option we could consider.”