Rep. Buck HAMMERS Mayorkas Telling Him He Should Be ‘Impeached’ Per His Constituents

Colorado Republican Representative Ken Buck told Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas his constituents believe he is a “traitor” and is deliberately trying to hurt the U.S., during a tense exchange on Thursday.

While Mayorkas  was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, Buck said, “Several of my constituents want Mayorkas impeached for inaction at the southern border.”

Continuing, Buck said, “Many of my constituents have asked whether you will be impeached when Republicans gain control next year. They don’t believe that you’ve committed a high crime, and they don’t believe you’ve committed amisdemeanor. My constituents want you impeached because they believe you’ve committed treason. They believe you’re a traitor. They compare you to Benedict Arnold.”

Buck then added, “Secretary Mayorkas, I was at an event this past weekend, and a lady approached me and asked me if you felt any shame for what you’ve done to this country. My question for you, Secretary Mayorkas, is very simple. Would you please answer that lady’s question? Are you ashamed for what you’ve done to this country?”

Mayorkas replied to Buck’s comment saying, “Congressman, I have so much to say in response to what you have just said. It is so profoundly offensive on so many levels, in so many different regards. I won’t ask you for an apology.”

“Don’t,” Buck shot back.

“I won’t,” Mayorkas continued. “Let me share with you quite succinctly: I am incredibly proud of my service to this country. it is more than 20 years of service in the civilian corps, as a federal prosecutor and as a member of the Department of Homeland Security.”

Buck also commented that his constituents believe Mayorkas is intentionally acting in bad faith with his handling of the border crisis.

Earlier in the week, Mayorkas had said some questionable things with a straight face, about the Biden administration, stating it had “effectively managed” the crisis, although he acknowledged the administration expects “migration levels to increase’ once Title 42 is lifted.

With Mayorkas’ admission that the DHs’ plan to address the crisis and impending surge, which includes increasing personnel and transportation resources, medical support and facilities, enhancing processing efficiency, targeting drug smugglers and deterring illegal migration, it is evident they know Title 42 will be a huge problem.

Biden, Harris, and Mayorkas have chosen to dismantle our nation’s immigration system and the predictable result is a massive increase of illegal immigration. Mayorkas’ claims to the contrary are reprehensible. His assertion that the illegal immigration he’s created is simply “consistent with larger global trends” is evidence that Mayorkas is a man with no capacity to take responsibility for his own actions.

Make no mistake about it, if the midterms are taken by Republicans, Mayorkas is facing a very probable impeachment.

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