Remington Ammunitions Plant Resumes Operation in Arkansas

The Remington ammunitions plant in Lonoke is back and fully operational, President of Remington Outdoors Jason Vadnerbrink told The American Rifleman on Monday.

Remington Outdoors declared bankruptcy in 2020 after having major supply chain issues made it difficult for the company to get the raw materials they needed to make orders. Their employees were laid off and production lines halted.

Vanderbrink told American Rifleman that production now is “flowing,” and Vista intends to prioritize the plant.

“You know what? I am sick and tired of not being able to find Remington ammunition on the shelves,” he said. “We are fixing that. American manufacturing is about to roar, and Remington ammunition is back. Our workforce is doing fantastic, and our raw material suppliers have really come through, so now, Remington’s going 24/7, and everyone will get to enjoy the quality ammunition that Lonoke makes.

“It took 205 years to build this brand, and we will never, ever sacrifice quality.” 

Let’s see if this helps with the ammo shortages as America starts to get back to business.

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