RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION: New York City Will Require ALL Employees of Yeshivas, Catholic Schools, and Private Schools to be Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

In a massive violation of religious liberties, Mayor Bill de Blasio and his New York City goons are now going to try to mandate and enforce that all employees of Yeshivas, Catholic Schools, and Private Schools be vaccinated against the coronavirus the New York Times first reported.

This as you know is a complete violation of their religious liberties, and the Covid-19 vaccine, which is still unproven to work, has aborted fetal matter in it. This is an absolute disgrace to these employees and those religious places of worship and institutions.

The New York Times is excitedly reporting that the directive from the city will force 56,000 employees.

It’s facing immediate opposition from Jewish and Catholic leaders, who sent a letter to Mayor Bill de Blasio asking him to reconsider his draconian order.

The new tyrannical mandate was announced on Thursday, and is expected to affect close to 930 schools and 56,000 employees, city officials have said. They will have to show proof they received their first dose of a vaccine as of Dec 20, giving them less than 3 weeks to comply. Absolutely outrageous!

“We’re doing everything in our power to protect our students and school staff, and a mandate for nonpublic school employees will help keep our school communities and youngest New Yorkers safe,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

Teachers at public schools were already required to get vaccinated, and more than 95% of the liberal sheep are vaccinated according to the Department of Eduction. This is a blatant attack against religion in America, as most employees of private schools are there for that very reason, to get away from the public schools.

A handful of tyrannical states have already required private school workers to be vaccinated, of course liberal California lead the charge. However even California requires a weekly testing option, but also allowed for religious or medical exemptions.

The fact that de Blasio is trying to claim they can’t use religious exemptions when you’re requiring Churches and Synagogues to use an experimental jab is sickening and broad overreach by the mayor.

“This is an area where government should be using its bully pulpit to persuade, not its regulatory arm to coerce,” said the letter from Rabbi David Zwiebel, the chairman of a group that represents religious and independent school leaders.

Thanks to our friends at The New York Times for helping to contribute to this article.

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1 year ago

De Blasshole is practicing for “full tyrant roles”. He might win an academy award for the best asshole tyrant in a leading role.