Release the Memo, Americans are tired of being lied to!


American’s across the Social Media World are sick and tired of the tyrannical hidden “memos” from their government. For the past 24 hours, this has been the number one trend on all social media platforms in America. GOP Congressional and Senate members have seen a FISA memo that shows massive abuse of power and corruption under the Obama Administration, and now want said memo to be release do the public.

Democrats not wanting to show the corruption within their own party are fighting tooth and nail to keep it from being released. Adam Schiff, one of the biggest Bigot’s in all of Politics is leading the charge to keep it silent. Schiff and the Democrats are now trying to turn the attention back to DACA and the looming Government shut down.

DACA isn’t on the table for months, but the Democrats and the Mainstream Media are plotting this to keep the attention away from the paid Fake Russia Dossier. The Dossier, now with the FISA memo shows deep corruption within the Democratic Leadership, Clinton’s, and DNC.

This is a developing story, stay tuned to America First Media’s Official Website as we’ll bring you the latest when this Memo is released.


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EA Defouw
EA Defouw
4 years ago

If it were a repubican memo Fake News media/outlets/stations would already have it their front page. Maybe John McCain will release it like he had the FAKE Trump dossier released to media. Where’s political, the gossip media outlets? All silent!!! Duh…

4 years ago

Hi Matt! I don’t consider myself to wear a tinfoil hate, but is this shutdown over DACA or perhaps, the releasing of the memo? I don’t believe any MSM, but no one has said anything about this. I tried to email you on Twitter, but your account won’t allow.