REDACTED: Seth Rich Investigation Notes Released

Good Afternoon everyone, for those of you that have been following our thread on Twitter by @RealMattCouch Here’s the REDACTED Notes from one of our sources in the Seth Rich Investigation.

  • REDACTED: stated that he (police investigators) have exhausted their search for any additional video surveillance footage that may be out there.
  • REDACTED indicated that he has checked with several persons who may have had video footage along the route in which Seth walked the night of the incident, but to date, he has been unable to find any additional video.
  • REDACTED: stated that he has checked the local McDonald’s restaurant in the area as well as other surrounding businesses but have been unable to find any additional video anywhere.
  • Lastly, with regards to video, REDACTED states that there was some video surveillance footage that came from a small convenience store on Flagler Street.
  • REDACTED STATED THAT the video quality is extremely bad and there is nothing on the video that anyone could see that could assist with the investigation.
  • REDACTED Further states that on the video, you could see the bottom half of two individuals walking across the street on Flagler Street and then moments later you see Seth Rich fall into the video view in the crosswalk on the street in front of the convenient store.
  • REDACTED: said he has a witness that observed two people running in the immediate area the night of the incident, however, they did not see the actual shooting incident.
  • REDACTED voluntarily stated that the whole “conspiracy” story really “threw things off with the investigation.”
  • REDACTED: He heard that Seth was an email leaker; however, he states, “I’ve got nothing to say or to show that the shooting was related to emails or anything other than a street robbery.”
  • REDACTED: When asked specifically was there any information located on any of Seth’s computers that would indicate that he did in fact send emails to WikiLeaks, REDACTED replied, “there is certain information that I can’t provide regarding the case itself, and I hope you understand, like I said, I can’t reveal detailed information about the case itself.”
  • REDACTED: “I have strict, strict rules by my bosses, because of what this case is, that says don’t provide information out, other than what is already publicly out there. I just can’t go into detail with what I know.”
    At this time REDACTED was asked is it a possibility that emails were found on Seth’s computer related to the DNC and this could be a motivation for his being killed? REDACTED replied, “anything’s possible; I can’t say one way or the other…..”
  • REDACTED: was then asked, “was the FBI involved, at all in the case?” He replied, “I don’t know; I mean, I never was contacted by the FBI at all.” As far as I know, they (FBI) never provided me with information.” I would hope I would know if they were involved, but I don’t have any knowledge of them being involved.”
  • At this time, REDACTED stated, “I know you’re a private investigator, and whatever information is revealed, I just hope it doesn’t go towards the media side of this.” “I’ve tried to contact REDACTED and REDACTED several times, but I haven’t been successful. I just want to ask them what they know and if they can help me with the investigation.” “I think REDACTED is blowing smoke…with his knowledge of what happened.” I even heard he has now created a website surrounding the murder.”
  • REDACTED was told that the family were told by REDACTED that regardless of whatever direction the investigation goes, we need to solve the murder, identify the bad guy and get him off the street. So, in keeping with that spirit, I need to “rule out” the possibility that Seth’s death could have been related to his job at the DNC.
  • I REDACTED haven’t been able to rule out that someone from the DNC could have been responsible for Seth’s death.
  • REDACTED was asked, “were you aware that Seth was having problems with two supervisors at his job (DNC) and he was very emotionally upset because of his problems at the DNC? REDACTED replied, “I was aware that there were problems, but I don’t know who the supervisors were that he was having problems with.”
    Next, REDACTED was asked if he was aware that Seth received money from WikiLeaks in exchange for the emails? Did you look into his (Seth’s) financial records? REDACTED replied, “again, I can’t go into details with specifics about the case such as that…I really can’t. Nothing against you, REDACTED but I’m just not trying to get myself jammed up.” REDACTED was asked, “so the higher-ups in the department are very aware of this case?” He replied, “Oh yeah, for sure.”
  • I asked once again about the email records. I informed REDACTED that we need to “disprove” the theory that Seth was killed because of this job at the DNC. REDACTED stated, “honestly, put it this way, if Seth worked anywhere else other than the DNC, nobody would give a shit about his death. The only reason there is such interest is because of where he worked.” REDACTED was asked, “so why is that?” He replied, “again, it goes back to the DNC…a political organization and it all started stemming from around the time of the election..and it sounds like someone was trying to ruffle feathers…I mean that’s what I think.”
  • REDACTED asked REDACTED, “but Seth’s death could have been a hit, ordered by the DNC, right? He replied, “um, me personally, I don’t think it was a hit because he wasn’t shot in the head. If you’re going to kill somebody, you’re going to make sure that they die…Seth didn’t die right away…he lived for a while and died at the hospital.” REDACTED asked, “and he never made any statements as to who could have shot him?” REDACTED replied, “I can’t go into detail about that (sniff)….um, I just can’t REDACTED.” Next, REDACTED asked, “so it is possible that he could have said something in terms of who did it (shot him). REDACTED hesitated, and said, “um…it’s possible: anything is possible…..”
  • “I mean, what I’m getting at with it being a hit, I mean, if you want somebody dead where is the one place you’re going to shoot them…in the head right. You want to make sure they’re dead…not shoot them in some other part of the body where you don’t know if they’re dead or not…you don’t know if they’re going live to give information out, and you might get yourself caught, that’s why everybody got their theories. I got mine.”
  • REDACTED was asked, “here’s a fair question, can we rule it out that Seth’s death is definitely not related to the job?” He replied, “not, not to an extent..not just yet…we can’t rule anything out….” “I feel that if its related to the DNC, at some point, it may come out.” “If somebody gets locked up, and they’re like, I’m taking the heat for this, and their approached about somebody else, I feel like somebody’s going to start snitching then.”

  • REDACTED said to REDACTED, “ I know that some of the news outlets are about to jump out there with more information from wherever they get it from, and a question will be posed to me, can we rule out that Seth’s death had anything to do with his job at the DNC. And I think the answer is going to have to be, and please tell me if I’m wrong, no, we can’t rule that out because we don’t have a suspect behind bars; we don’t have a person of interest. So, we can’t rule out anything at this point. Then the question is going to be asked is it possible that Seth’s death was in fact orchestrated from someone of or related to his job.
  • REDACTED looked directly at REDACTED and asked, “the answer?” After a long sigh and brief laughter, REDACTED stated, “You’ve been looking into this yourself, and, and, you have investigative experience, and like we said, anything is possible right. Until we get somebody locked up, we just don’t know. Anything’s possible.” “Look, look REDACTED, please, please do not quote me on anything…..I don’t need that shit coming back on me..if I’m quoted, I will probably be reassigned to CCB somewhere…..moving property around. There’s certain details of the case that we just can’t renewal to anybody, just for the integrity of the case. But, do what you got to do for your business and the news story, but please don’t, don’t throw me under the bus REDACTED.”
  • Once again, REDACTED asked, has the investigation shown that Seth received any money from anyone such as WikiLeaks during that time period. REDACTED stated, “I don’t know. I need to go back and look at his financial records. I didn’t notice anything back then when I looked, but it’s been a while. And if he (Seth) did receive any money, who knows where he put it at…especially if he did receive money. Maybe he stashed it somewhere else..and we just don’t know.”
  • Then REDACTED asked, “did your review of Seth’s computer reveal that any emails went out to WikiLeaks?” REDACTED replied, (after a long pause), well, well…there’s stuff on there that, it’s its, emails are sent everyday….um…the context of the emails I can’t get into the details, um, again, I don’t have anything pointing the finger at the DNC other than the conspiracy theories. Nobody has come to me with direct information and provided detailed information about the DNC being involved somehow.
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Dean Lyall @tvSquareEyes
Dean Lyall @tvSquareEyes
3 years ago

Thankyou and familys for all you do, and the years of hard work you guys have done 🙂 from New Zealand.

SoPhilly Fred❌🇺🇸🏇 (@SoPhillyFred)

#HisNameWasSethRich and I am willing to bet that John Podesta knows everything.

3 years ago

Thank you. RIP Seth.🌹

3 years ago

You mean he was finished off at the hospital!

Thomas Butman
Thomas Butman
2 years ago

I need clarification, all those original redaction’s are Now Un-redacted?

3 months ago

There have been rumors of video footage of the hospital and the major of DC and head of DNC show up that morning at 4am…?