Red Wave Looming as Americans and Conservatives Anger Grows Towards Biden and Democrats Dereliction

Americans are pretty well fed up with Joe Biden and the Democrats in virtually every poll, with numbers in the basement for the Biden administration​ and Democrats. The polls are indicating that Americans are trending toward the Republicans leading in their choice for Congress.

There is a lot of indications that the November midterms are going to be a big red wave for the Republicans, especially if they all get out and vote.

From the November win in Virginia to the historic win last week of the first Republican county executive in decades in Kenosha County, Wisconsin as voters elected GOP backed Samantha Kerkman as the first female executive, and the fifth executive, in county history, showing there is a strong trend toward Republicans.

Now there is more bad news for Democrats and it’s a very big sign. Republicans in Pennsylvania are registering former Democrats at four times the rate that Democrats are doing the opposite conversion. What is causing this trend? You might have guessed it. Americans are upset with Biden, inflation, and violent crime.

Beth Jones, 48, a retired Philadelphia police office registered as a Republican last month, ending her three-decade affiliation with the Democratic Party saying, “I just go fed up and it just feels like there has to be a better way.”

And it isn’t only in Pennsylvania. Reuters examined registration data in six states that could see tight U.S. Senate races in November and which generally require voters to be members of a party to participate in nominating contests. While each state tracks voter registration differently, the review pointed to Republican in gains four of those states, and no substantial difference in two of them.

In a suspected tight North Carolina Senate race, due to the retirement of Republican Senator Richard Burr, Republicans so far this year have gained three Democratic converts for every one voter that Democrats have poached, according to state election board data. Through 2021, the Republican advantage was about half that.

Also, in Florida and Nevada, the numbers of registered Republicans rose in the first few months of the year while the ranks of Democrats have declined modestly.

But the largest jump is in Pennsylvania and it may be the highest in a decade, with the GOP doing far better than in 2016 when the Republicans won the White House as well as the House and Senate. Republicans are even picking up voters in places like Philadelphia, a Democratic bastion, where 1,315 Democrats in the city have applied to change their registration to Republican, more than four time the number of Republicans flipping to Democrat.

But it isn’t just the economy causing this. It’s the radical leftist nature of the current Democrat party as well. It is also the embracement of Democrats of things like Black Lives Matter (BLM), Critical Race Theory (CRT), and the woke agenda. Americans are tired of seeing these agenda being supported by Democrats. That’s what helped Glenn Youngkin win the race for Governor in Virginia in November and the Samantha Kerkman win in the Kenosha County Executive race last week. It looks like Americans are about to do a course correction against the radical and the registrations are a big indication of the wave that is coming.

If all goes like it could and the Republican take over, stop the Biden agenda and bring back a little justice on the Russian collusion smear as well as the Biden scandal, it will be a fun day. And Democrats are likely to have a meltdown when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is booted from the Speakership and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) loses the chair of the Intel Committee.

Looking forward to it myself.

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