Recent FBI Crime Spree Involves Murder, Rape, Blackmail, Spying, Child Molestation, and Conspiracy

I came across this pretty disgusting story in my newsfeed today entitled “Another FBI Agent Arrested for Raping Small Children” where I immediately thought “another?!” I never even heard of the first one, so I started digging and discovered that the FBI has been on quite a degenerate crime spree that’s mostly gone under-reported as they attempt to cover it up.

FBI agent David Harris was just arrested after having molesting kids unhindered for 5 years, and is just now being charged with “aggravated crimes against nature” which if you’re wondering what that even means, it means forced sodomy or bestiality. He’s one of two FBI agents recently charged for sodomizing children under 13.

On April 27, another FBI Agent also working out of the New Orleans office, Christopher Bauer was arrested for forced sodomy on an 11 year old female relative. He managed to do this while working as an Alabama state trooper while already on suspension from the FBI for raping a female coworker by knife point. Apparently, he had been raping his coworker repeatedly for over a year and threatening her that he would “destroy” her if she came forward. She eventually did come forward but only after stress caused her body weight to drop below 100 lbs and her hair fell out. Thing is, the suspension for the rape occurred in 2018….so what the hell was this guy doing walking around for two years like nothing happened? The FBI is claiming they didn’t “find enough evidence” to criminally charge him. I’m supposed to believe the FBI didn’t have the resource and skills to get to the bottom of it….or did they just not want their department to look bad? For the record, the FBI is blaming Alabama law enforcement for not doing a good enough background check, for which they replied that they believe the FBI deliberately hid information about his past behavioral problems from them.

The article also mentions that it was just one in a string of sexual assaults, swept under the rug by ranking FBI agents:

An assistant FBI director retired after he was accused of drunkenly groping a female subordinate in a stairwell. Another senior FBI official left after he was found to have sexually harassed eight employees. Yet another high-ranking FBI agent retired after he was accused of blackmailing a young employee into sexual encounters.

As the Associated Press continued investigating, they discovered at least six sexual misconduct allegations involving senior FBI officials over the past five years, including two new claims brought this week by women who say they were sexually assaulted by ranking agents.

The FBI responded will take action on the allegations factoring in on the “the credibility of the allegations, the severity of the conduct, and the rank and position of the individuals involved.” The “rank” of the person involved? Why would their rank play in to how they’re dealt with and disciplined, and why do I get the feeling that means that they go easier and not harder on them? Turns out that even when FBI agents were terminated for assaulting and blackmailing women into sex, most were able to later find jobs in the private sector and local police due to federal laws that grant anonymity to fired agents, no matter how egregious their crimes were.

On April 28th 2021, an FBI employee out of their Nashville office (not an agent) Justin D. Carroll was arrested for child porn charges. He was only caught because the 14 year olds girl he was sexually grooming online sent a package to his office of candy and a teddy bear…which since it had no name it and only a return address, ended being opened by the bomb squad. That must have made for one interesting day at the office. As it turns out, she wasn’t the only minor child Carroll was grooming online.

Also in April, Texas FBI agent William Roy Stone Jr was arrested for using his credentials to blackmail a woman into giving him almost a million dollars. Whats interesting is that Stone had two accomplices, but his indictment does not name the co-conspirators nor do they appear to be facing any charges. Strange how that sounds just like the 20+ FBI co-conspirators that are also not being named or charged with escalating violence at the Capitol on January 6th.

When they’re not raping each other or molesting kids, FBI agents apparently have a penchant for shooting civilians, sometimes in the back. In December 2020, FBI agent Eduardo Valdivia of Maryland, was charged with 2nd degree attempted murder after shooting a panhandler multiple times out of anger on a metro chain for cussing at him. For days the FBI wouldn’t release any information about the shooting, the community had to publicly complain about the lack of transparency about the incident for the agency to even release the gender or condition of the person he shot. Valdivia had ironically just been promoted to the position of supervisory agent that targets “domestic extremists” or as the Left likes to call them “anyone that was at the Capitol that day.” Because *clearly* that’s the problem in this country, and not an out of control federal government. Valdivia is currently walking around on bail, which is a luxury not afforded in DC to the Capitol protesters currently sitting in solitary confinement for the last half year without bail or trial, for the crime of “trespassing.”

Also in April of this year (must have been a busy month) an off duty Pentagon police officer shot two unarmed men breaking into a car. Problem is, it’s illegal to shoot someone to defend property and both men were fleeing the scene at the time. The two men died, and the officer is currently on administrative leave as apparently so far, it has been chalked to nothing more than a lack of officer training. Strange how most people know they can’t shoot someone unless they fear for their life, but not the federal police? Much like the other bad shooting by a Capitol police officer of Ashli Babbit, this officer is also not being identified or named. Must be one of luxuries of working for an agency with absolutely no oversight.

While the FBI has no problem probing local law enforcement for every single minor transgression like throwing a drink at somebody. They do not seem to be very forthcoming about investigating or punishing themselves. There are no protests, marches, or media frenzied trials for the victims killed by federal agents….that media outcry only seems to occur when local law enforcement officers shoot not-so-innocent people while the fake news media edits their weapons out of videos and glorifies lifetime criminal drug addicts as unsung heroes.

According to the latest Bureau data, there are only 13,412 special agents operating nationwide….which puts it in perspective just how disproportionately corrupt the FBI seems to be. Remember, we only know about all the illegal activities on Hunter Biden’s laptop because the computer technician knew enough to keep a copy of the hard drive after seeing what was on it…while the FBI on the other hand, sat on the evidence as to not hurt Biden’s (let’s keep it real, almost certainly fraudulent at this point) election. This corruption is compounded by the fact it was fairly recently revealed that the FBI had a bigger part in the “kidnapping” of Governor Whitmer then they originally let on, as a third of those involved were FBI informants trying to ring lead everyone else into it. Not to mention the FBI has been on a rampage targeting, harassing, and improperly surveilling (spying) on over 16k Patriots claiming they were doing it under the guise they were investigating “domestic terrorists.” An act so egregious that the NSA turned over the evidence of it after the FBI slow walked the FOIA demands for it. I say “we” because I also received my own personal FBI visit last month over a photo of me helping an injured friend (Phillip Anderson) down the stairs after they tear gassed him outside the Capitol. It was taken from my Instagram and I’m literally wearing a “Mindy Robinson for Congress” hat on in the pic…so clearly the “sleuthing skills” of the FBI are top notch and not at all harassing. Maybe they were there to try to “flip me” as they’re currently doing to vocal Patriots across the country.

We’ve got a major problem with federal agents and officers doing whatever the hell they want in this country, with absolutely zero oversight, no accountability, and not even following the laws they’re supposed to uphold. Everything mentioned here doesn’t even include all the illegal spying and sabotage the FBI did to Trump in the last few years, that the Left excuses away as “conspiracy theories” despite there being concrete evidence of proof. The FBI is out of control, and I’m honestly not even sure what other alphabet company I would trust to fix it at this point. Maybe it’s time for something drastic to be done about our deep state federal corruption….and it starts with a national election audit to find out if the people controlling them are even really legitimately holding their seats.

Since I’ve kicked off everything for posting about voter fraud, you can follow updated news about the Nevada Audit either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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[…] Recent FBI Crime Spree Involves Murder, Rape, Blackmail, Spying, Child Molestation, and Conpiracy […]

American Citizen
American Citizen
1 month ago

Excellent hard hitting journalism at its finest. This is why we have a first amendment. Calling out egregious government misconduct is the purpose of a free press not being compliant collaborators like most of the MSM.


[…] Recent FBI crime spree involves murder, rape, blackmail, spying, child molestation, and conspiracy. Is someone cleaning up the FBI? […]


[…] Recent FBI crime spree involves murder, rape, blackmail, spying, child molestation, and conspiracy. Is someone cleaning up the FBI? […]


[…] Recent FBI Crime Spree Involves Murder, Rape, Blackmail, Spying, Child Molestation, and Conspiracy […]

Christina Garner
Christina Garner
24 days ago

All heinous crimes against children should carry the death penalty, it should be akin to treason, and in these cases they need dropped into a wood chipper, feet first.