READ Trump’s HILARIOUS Letter to Chuck Schumer

President Trump is growing tired of the Democrats who continue to try to attack in a time of turmoil and trial for our nation.

Chuck and Nancy are up to their usual tricks with their dishonest criticism of every aspect of Trump’s handling of the response, media grandstanding and a despicable new Soviet-style impeachment committee while Americans are dying. 

Trump fired shots in his letter to the Democrat minority leader of the Senate.

“If you spent less time on your ridiculous impeachment hoax, which went haplessly on forever and ended up going nowhere (except increasing my poll numbers) and instead focused on helping the people of New York, then New York would not have been so completely unprepared for the ‘invisible enemy.’ No wonder AOC and others are thinking about running against you in the primary. If they did, they would likely win,” Trump wrote.

You can read the full letter below:

Schumer’s response to the President’s hilarious letter to him.

“I spoke to the president late this afternoon and explained it and the result is this letter. So I’m just appalled. You know I say to the president just stop the pettiness. People are dying and so, President Trump, we need leadership. We need to get the job done. Stop the pettiness,” Schumer told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Thursday night.  

 “I sent the letter with the best of intentions,” Schumer added. 

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