Rapper Lil Nas Mocks Christians in Hoax Apology Video Over His Nike Satan Shoes

As many of you know by now, rapper Lil Nas, along with Nike have now launched Satan Shoes. You can’t even make this up at how disgusting and sickening it’s becoming in America.

After pushback from some conservatives and Christians, and I wish I could say it’s all but unfortunately over 50% of our movement are cowards and refuse to call out wrongs in our society, Lil Nas put out what looks to be an apology video, unfortunately it’s just a sick joke.

As you can see from the video below, it starts out as an apology, and then goes right into his sexual grinding video with Satan himself.

This is truly revolting, and any pastor or Christian in America who won’t call this out is a fraud. Those are the facts, and I said it. Someone has to. We need leaders in America, and they are far and few between.

WATCH: at your own risk.

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