Rapper Drops Music Video in Front of Planned Parenthood with Words ‘I Got Murder on My Mind’ and ‘Baby Daddy Free’ [GRAPHIC VIDEO CONTENT WARNING]

There’s some things that are sickening and disgusting in the world, and this might top anything you’ll see this week America.

A female rapper twerking and rapping in front of a Planned Parenthood with the words “I got murder on my mind” and “Baby Daddy Free” this is absolutely disgusting and despicable.

The rapper is not popular Atlanta artist Latto, the rapper is in fact TFNW Nique, who is mistaken for her quite often we found out in researching this report.

the name of the song you ask is BDF, which of course stands for “Baby Daddy Free” why wouldn’t it.

With classy lyrics like “he got 1 kid, 2 kids, 3 kids, 4, bitch he cheaper by the dozen if his ass got any more,” we’re sure this will be a Grammy winner with the radical left.

You can watch at your own peril below:

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1 month ago

Crime control, nothing wrong with that.

Sheryl Stover
Sheryl Stover
1 month ago

Well, at first when I heard it say, “God Murder on my Mind”, I thought it was a pro-life video, but it didn’t take long to see that it was not about saving unborn babies. I really don’t know how far down that a woman has to go before she can do something like that. The person twerking can’t possibly have any self-esteem. The other one, the singer, must have come from another planet. I can’t imagine what happened in her life to cause her to lose herself in this vile, evil, paganistic lifestyle. I wish that people would understand… Read more »