Ammon Bundy, Idaho farmer, far-right activist, and Idaho gubernatorial candi​date was arrested at an Idaho hospital on Saturday, according to police. The arrest followed a dispute between police and a family over their child’s health.

Bundy is known for his anti-government political positions and has become a divisive figure among conservatives, according to some reports.

Following his arrest, in a statement posted to Bundy’s campaign account, Bundy claimed it was an “ambush arrest” by the police, writing that he was “standing for parental rights and against medical tyranny.  

In a police new release, The incident began when Meridian police took into custody a 10-month-old child who had been the subject of repeated welfare checks since the start of the month for malnourishment. After other follow-ups where the parents did not show up, Meridian police arrived at their home to check on the child, but they refused to let the officers check on them and were uncooperative in the investigation. Before the officers could receive a warrant, the parents and child left their home, according to the police news release. 

Authorities eventually located the family’s car and took the child to the St. Luke’s Meridian medical center, the release said.

Bundy’s campaign said that he went to the hospital after hearing the baby, named Cyrus, was “medically kidnapped. He was arrested for “standing for parental rights and against medical tyranny.”

The police statement said Bundy and several of his followers and refused to leave. After several attempts to get him off the property, Bundy was arrested for trespassing. Bundy was charged with First Offense Trespass, Failure to Depart, and booked in the Ada County Jail early Saturday morning.

A jail official confirmed to CNN that Bundy was no longer in custody by Saturday evening.

In a separate statement posted on Twitter, Bundy said the child was the grandson of a “very good friend,” adding the child was “medically kidnapped” because of a missed doctor’s appointment. The statement also said, “Ask yourself this, if they can revoke your parental rights and take custody of your child over a missed doctor appointment, what else can they do and how did they get this power?”

Bundy gained national attention for leading the 2016-armed occupation of federal land in Oregon’s Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He was indicted, and later acquitted, for leading the armed occupation. In 2020, he was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest after refusing to leave a protest at the Idaho Statehouse during which he and others demanded an end to the state emergency is known for his anti-government political positions and has become a divisive figure among conservatives, according to some conservatives.

Bundy, a Republican, who announced in June he was running for Idaho governor, has been a part of several conflicts with authorities before, including over Covid-related measures.

He was arrested again last year for failing to appear at his trial after he showed up to court and refused to wear a mask, which was required by policy.

Bundy is the son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who in 201 engaged in an armed showdown with the Federal Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights for his cattle.

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10 months ago

He is a good man. We have to pray for him and this family. And especially for baby Cyrus.

10 months ago

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