Rachel Maddow Ratings Continue to Tank

Rachel Maddow’s ratings continue to plummet since the Russian story has came to an end.

Ever since the Mueller investigation came to an end, her ratings have been dropping by alarming numbers.

She’s lost almost 1 million viewers since the investigation ended, and the numbers just keep dropping.

She hit her peak in January spreading and spewing fake Russian propaganda, and was near 3.5 million viewers.

In February the number dropped to 3.1 million. Then it just got worse from there.

Maddow averaged just 2.6 million viewers per night in May, a drop of over 700,000 since January.

Fox News hosts are crushing the competition. Tucker Carlson is beating the ratings of Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Don Lemon COMBINED.

Maddow’s ratings will continue to drop now that the fake Russian dossier is coming to a close. The question is, how many Americans will finally see the light of these lies.

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3 years ago

With news like this I feel happy, and I hope it continues until I fall into the deep earth. He who serves the lie dies crushed by the truth.