Queen Elizabeth Cancels Christmas Celebration Yet Again Amid Covid Concerns

The Queen of England is canceling Christmas for the second year in a row, at least for her part anyway.

The queen looks forward to a very specific set of customs each year at her Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. This includes attending services at St. Mary Magdalene Church, which dates back to the 16th century.

The Royal family always gathers for a turkey dinner in the festive, decorated home, and they play pick up games of football and charades.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Good Housekeeping that the queen allows her great-grandchildren to help her decorate the tree, which she leaves up until February.

The whole family gets dressed up to attend a black time dinner together on Christmas Eve as well.

One of the most surprising traditions that the Royal family has is their unusual gift exchange. Each year, they exchange gag gifts with one another in honor of the holiday.

Royal biographer Brian Hoey reputed that Prince Harry gifted his grandmother with a shower cap that read, “Aint Life a B*tch?” in 2013, according to Express.

However there won’t be any gag gifts or Christmas turkey this year, at least not in the traditional way that’s been endured for centuries.

BBC just reported that Queen Elizabeth decided to cancel her trip to Sandringham again in 2021 as Omicron cases are surging in the U.K. The Royal family also skipped their traditional Christmas meet-up in 2020 for pandemic reasons they claimed.

Instead her Majesty will host an unspecified number of close family members in Windsor. Buckingham Palace aides described the cancellation as a personal decision that “reflects a precautionary approach.”

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace assure that “all appropriate guidelines” would be followed for the gathering.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Wire for contributing to this article.

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