Publix Grocery Store Chain Refuses to Vaccinate Children Under the Age of Four with Covid Jab

Finally someone is standing up to the insane and draconian mandates and thoughts of the radicals in charge of America’s government. Perhaps it starts with a grocery store chain named Publix.

The vaccinations are still under an experimental title, despite what the mainstream media and the government tries to tell you. The entire Covid fiasco in the United States is STILL under EUA, the Emergency Use Authorization, and has not been fully approved.

This was posted on June 17, 2022 from the FDA’s own website:

It is mandatory for both ModernaTX Inc. and Pfizer Inc., as well as vaccination providers, to report the following to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for these two COVID-19 vaccines: serious adverse events, cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and cases of COVID-19 that result in hospitalization or death. It is also mandatory for vaccination providers to report all vaccine administration errors to VAERS for which they become aware and for vaccine manufacturers to include a summary and analysis of all identified vaccine administration errors in monthly safety reports submitted to the FDA.

The EUA amendment for the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine was issued to ModernaTX Inc. and the EUA amendment for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine was issued to Pfizer Inc.

So why is the mainstream media saying that it’s approved? Why do they keep lying to you?

Well, Florida pharmacies aren’t buying it, and neither are we! Last Thursday according to the Tampa Bay Times, the grocery store chain Publiz said it has declined to offer the vaccine approved to children ages for and under “at this time.”

Publix gave no more information, but perhaps they were looking at research that this virus rarely if ever hurts children, it’s super rare if it does so, so why risk it with your child?

Appointments for vaccines for children five years old and older are still being accepted on the Publix website.

A Publix representative confirmed the company’s choice on Wednesday afternoon to Tampa news station WTVT.

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