Proud Boys Leader Sentenced to Five Months in DC Jail

The leader of the conservative group, The Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio will now have to spend 155 days in jail for burning a Black Lives Matter sign late last year, and for his possession of two high-capacity magazines he had on him in the District of Columbia.

Tarrio was sentenced to approximately five months in jail after authorities apprehended him earlier this year just a few days before the January 6 events in Washington, D.C.

During an event in D.C. on December 12, Tarrio burned a Black Lives Matter banner that belonged to Asbury United Methodist Church. However Tarrio did not steal the banner, he claims he did not know where it came from when he burned it.

BuzzFeed News reporter live tweeted the proceedings and described Tarrio as showing remorse for what he did. Enrique said he doesn’t even carry around a pocket knife anymore, let alone the pair of high-capacity magazines that got him in trouble to begin with. However, Judge Cushenberry thought otherwise. He accused Tarrio of being about self-promotion and having a previous awareness of the law.

Tarrio will have to serve 125 days in jail for the magazines, and an additional 30 days for burning the BLM banner, amounting to a total of 155 consecutive days served with an additional 85 days suspended.

Judge C: Tarrio’s ignorance of the law claim is also wholly not credible. Consider Mr. Tarrio’s previous criminal conduct, particularly for fraud, the court does not credit his claims that he had no reason to know that possession of these magazines was illegal.

Judge C continued: Mr. Tarrio did not care. That’s what I think. … He cared about himself and self-promotion, not the laws of the District of Columbia or anyone else’s laws.

According to VICE, Rev. Dr Ianther Mills gave testimony against Tarrio: “This was deliberate and planned. Who carries a bottle of lighter fluid to a peaceful demonstration? In our opinion, this was an act of intimidation and racism.”

A response statement from Enrique Tarrio was shared to Telegram, over today’s news: “Free speech is protected under the United States constitution. Sadly, with online censorship by Big Tech and in-person violent intimidation tactics from BLM and Antifa, many Americans have been robbed of their free speech rights. I will continue to do everything in my power to call out their hypocrisy and protect my fellow Americans from their depraved acts of violence.”

What are your thoughts America? The banner was stolen, but 125 days for empty magazines? Seems a bit much doesn’t it?

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Anthony McGaha
Anthony McGaha
11 months ago

So that means that every Antifa member and BLM member needs to serve time for every American flag burned for every building they burned and the time should amount to decades in prison.