Project Veritas to Drop Google BOMBSHELL tomorrow

TOMORROW — another Google insider goes PUBLIC (no shadow) and blows the whistle on political bias. You won’t want to miss this story. Make sure you’re on our video distribution list NOW to receive the video first thing tomorrow morning

Not long ago Project Veritas dropped bombs on Google censorship with this video.

It was announced by the Justice Department today that they are opening an investigation into Google, Facebook, and other tech giants.

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DiscoQueen (@JerrieMWilliam1)

This is great news! I look forward to Project Veritas video but I am kind of concerned that it is not going to get the attention it deserves! Tomorrow will be everything Mueller at ad nauseam and I think this bombshell needs to wait at least a day or 2 for full effects! But just my opinion….What do I know?? LOL