Project Veritas to Drop Epstein Cover Up Bombshell at 9AM Tuesday

Project Veritas at the direction of its founder James O’Keefe has been breaking news since it’s inception.

They’ve went undercover against Clinton operatives, Google, the Deep State, and CNN. Now they’ve got to a point of no return.

Veritas will break the Epstein case wide open on Tuesday morning at 9 AM according to the group. They’ve got the good on the Epstein cover up.

No one in America believes that the most wanted man in America Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. The guards fell asleep, the camera’s malfunctioned, malware virus, all of course at the same time. The narrative is simple, he was murdered.

Project Veritas now claims they have the goods.

O’Keefe late on Monday night put out a tweet. “May have asked if we are afraid, we are not.” he stated. “This organization is protected by Patriots.”

We’ll have updates tomorrow after Project Veritas major announcement on the Epstein cover up.

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