Project Veritas Exposes Yet Another Disturbing CNN Scandal as CNN Producer Fantasizes About Fiancé’s Daughter in Text Messages (VIDEO)

It’s been a rough year for CNN. They’ve had the Jeffrey Toobin Zoom “incident,” where he was caught flogging his dolphin on a company Zoom meeting, among other things.

Just last month they had to fire star anchor Chris Cuomo after reports and court filings showed that he was using his media sources to investigate his brother, former Governor Andrew Cuomo’s sexual accusers.

Don Lemon has multiple sexual assault allegations put towards him, and now it’s gotten even worse.

Cuomo’s former senior producer John Griffin now has charges against him for allegedly engaging in sexual acts with minors. Man, 2021 has been rough on the network, and it may be getting worse now that Project Veritas is involved.

In the latest exposé from Project Veritas, they published graphic texts and videos allegedly of a CNN producer fantasizing about sexually abusing his fiancé’s daughter. The CNN producer also allegedly solicited sexually explicit photos of the source’s underage daughter. The source said she obtained the information to present to authorities but also contacted Project Veritas in case proper action wasn’t taken. The name of the producer in question has not yet been revealed.

Watch below (warning, the contents are disturbing):

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