Project Veritas BOMBSHELL on Covid-19 Vaccine Whistleblowers Coming Monday Night, James O’Keefe Says (VIDEO)

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is promising some massive Monday morning bombshells, and the group is not known to overpromise and under deliver since its inception.

As the Biden Regime works to push mandates on American citizens, telling them it’s their choice, O’Keefe says that “thousands” of doctors and nurses as well as healthcare employees are reaching out to Project Veritas to tell the truth on what’s really happening.

This blow coming Monday, coupled with the FDA voting 16-2 on Friday to NOT allow boosters for those under the age of 65, shows the narrative of the vaccines and their mandates is falling apart in real time.

Jame’s O’Keefe has just released a video stating that “thousands” of emails, “hundreds per day” are coming in from people wanting to share their stories with Project Veritas about Covid-19. All of these are vaccine whistleblowers, and they are even willing to wear hidden cameras and mics to tell the truth and get their stories out.

One story O’Keefe says is coming this Monday, and the Deep State, Mainstream Media, as well as their Big Tech and Corporate overlords are furious.

Watch the following from Veritas founder O’Keefe below.


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1 year ago

The bioweapon was MAN-MADE (created) as GAIN-of-FUNCTION by Peter Daszak’s lab run by PLA and CCP military scientists, AND financed with YOUR American tax dollars. There’s only 1 question any laboratory, #FauxChiTheFraud or the CDC or NIH **MUST** answer. “Show us and provide us with the evidence where SARS-COV-2 has been ISOLATED.” #FauxChiTheFraud or the CDC or NIH has the OBLIGATION to produce that evidence before dictating ANY mandates. You reply, “Let me make myself clear: Until such time as you provide us with the ISOLATION evidence, there will be NO dictates for masks, NO PCR tests, NO jab passports,… Read more »