​It is easy to predict what Democrats are going to do when something doesn’t go their way. At the drop of a hat, they are ready to breakout the hoodies and black masks, take the fight to streets, and start “peacefully protesting” with whatever degree of violence the situation seems to demand, as we saw with the George Floyd riots and chaos in D.C. following Trump’s election. 

Well, they’re doing it again, this time in L.A., where on Tuesday, woke, pro-abortion protesters are raising holy hell over the idea that they might no longer be able to murder babies in the womb thanks to Alito’s abortion opinion.

Forget that all Alito seems to have done is devolve abortion lawmaking power back to the states, and thus that their beloved blue states won’t ban it, they’re ready to riot and intent on doing so!

The protest started out peacefully, with a mass of pro-choice people gathering to show their support for abortion and their disdain for the court’s decision on how to handle the abortion topic.

As the sun dipped down and the day wore on, the streets of Los Angeles were full of the usual suspect, wiry, black-clad, masked thugs ready to wreak havoc and fight with the cops. As CNN might say, this was when the protest went from peaceful to “mostly peaceful, with hundreds fighting with cops as a pro-choice protest turned into the typical sort of off and on street fighting that tends to accompany leftist outrage.

And, as usual when these types get together to express their displeasure, that soon turns into an orgy of violence, with the peaceful protesters on the tolerant left roaring through the streets, smashing windows and attacking cop cars.

That action was announced by L.A. Police Chief Michel Moore who said, “Receiving update on protest at Pershing Square. A segment of the group began to take the intersection. We attempted to communicate, clear and provide dispersal order to the group. Crowd began to throw rocks and bottles at officers. We have one officer injured.”

The violence happened when police tried to stop and disperse the 250-strong mob by pulling squad cars into the intersection. Rather than retard the mob’s violence, however, it just led to the hoodlums smashing the cars and jumping on the hoods.

A short time later, when police tried to arrest the rioters doing damage to their town, they were stopped by other members of the mob. They swarmed the officers, making it impossible for the cops to properly arrest the suspects and get them off the streets.

As usual, the left absolutely lost it when it saw the police desperately fending off the more violent of the rioters, characterizing that fighting back by police was an act of brutalizing pro-choice protestors.

It seems what really happened was the police were simply trying to fend off and stop the violent rioters from wreaking any more havoc or smashing any more windows, particularly given how out of control the protest had gotten. Given the circumstances and the video evidence, the police were quite restrained in their response.

We appreciate our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

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