Pride, Respect and Why You Don’t Punch Holes in Your Walls.

We’ve all seen that one individual who has completely let himself go. Not in the sense of simply gaining a few pounds over the years, but a complete breakdown both physically, mentally, and spiritually of the entire being. It appears as if life has beaten them, and continues to beat them on a daily basis – they have given up.

Perhaps they gave up long ago and due to some unforeseen set of circumstances, didn’t realize it until it was too late. Their personal pride and self-respect tends to deteriorate as well and is often manifested by a poor, unkempt appearance. Their home life can certainly suffer, and also often results in repeated issues with law enforcement and the penal system.

Let’s shift gears for a moment. Imagine you singlehandedly built a house with your bare hands. Perhaps you cut the raw lumber for the framework. You mixed the concrete for the foundation and made certain it was perfectly level – you drilled your own well and installed the plumbing – you constructed it all with sweat, blood and tears.

Would you typically want to take good care of your house in which you diligently toiled to build? Would you desire that it looks reasonably nice? Would you also be angry should someone knock holes in the walls, or tell you that you did a lousy job after sweating and bleeding to build said house? You have a certain amount of pride and appreciation for your house – don’t you?

I know – where he Hell am I going with this? First it’s time for the disclaimer: 👇

I know inevitably there will be that ONE person who chimes-in with, “what about people with illnesses”, or “not everyone can afford to dress nice”. Those are obviously not the individuals I’m referring to – I realize everyone has their own set of circumstances, and that’s not the point of this regardless.

I often feel the need to include a disclaimer such as the one above because there will always be that “ONE GUY”. So, if we could stick to the general premise of this writing – yeeaah, that would be great! Ok, continue on!….

Keep in mind, I am not talking about arrogance or conceit, I’m simply referring to having a little bit of healthy personal pride and self-respect. Don’t mistake these concepts for arrogance – they are two different things.

I’m going to shift gears yet again. Our founders knew full well of the importance of symbolism. In fact, many of our most notable monuments in Washington DC are thoughtfully and strategically placed. Our founders were wise enough to realize people often needed reminders about important concepts, people and events – lest we forget! As imperfect humans, we tend to forget, and a constant image which triggers an emotional or thought-provoking response can be of great value.

Hence we get to the “meat” of this yammering tirade – our flag, and our country.

Our flag is of course, a symbol. It is a symbol representing our country and all the people who made it what it is. The flag represents all those who bled and died to make our country great – it should be a constant reminder of this!

This is the reason I stand, and will continue to stand. This is the reason you will never see me walking on the flag, urinating on it, or any number of additional vile acts. It is a symbol that should garner respect. The flag is sewn with the blood and toil of our ancestors.

Pride in country. Reflecting back to the house you built with your bare hands, you have a certain amount of pride in this house – right? As stated above, when you toil to build your house, and are even remotely proud of your creation, you desire to take care of it – don’t you? How then does this not extend past your house and into the town you live – into the state you live – into the COUNTRY we all live in?

I’ll end on this note. Reflect again about what I stated in the initial two paragraphs. When the “person” loses his sense of personal pride or self-respect, they tend to deteriorate physically, mentally and spiritually. The same can be said for a country and the people who live within. A little national pride, and some respect for the people who came before you is a POSITIVE thing.

Pride and respect are intertwined, they are necessary, and they are constants if we expect to retain this grand experiment for future generations.

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